Why Business Graduates Must Learn Digital Marketing

Why Business Graduates Must Learn Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when business graduates enter the workplace and find the paper-based communication. In this era, even the radios and television broadcast are getting outdated. The young generation now consuming media and digital content on daily basis with the help of their phone or social media, the world is becoming smaller.

When the Facebook crossed the 2 billion numbers, it was a wakeup call for small and large business across the globe. Every second on the Facebook, five new profiles get created and it makes a lot of sense that you should be where your customers are in this digital age.

Digital Marketing Training Banashankari

As the business graduates, you have the opportunity to lead your company in the digital age. This new skill can be invaluable in a workplace where most of the senior staff does not have skill or expertise to target the digital market. But why should you learn digital marketing and how it is different from traditional marketing? Why do you need to learn digital marketing as a separate, special and integral component of your marketing syllabus?

Digital Marketing operates differently from traditional marketing

When you think of traditional marketing, you think of advertising through newspaper, radio or television and it would reach all who consumed the media. Here the cost of marketing would be decided according to the reach that particular media could provide.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing is completely different and you can tailor your marketing campaign to reach a specific audience and the cost of marketing is usually based on the interaction of audience with your advertisement. Advance and complex technology get used in the digital advert where you can create, manage and measure digital marketing ROI. These factors make digital marketing quite different from traditional marketing.

You need to have the knowledge of various digital marketing concepts such as PPC, Facebook pixel and Google AdWords with different social media channels with the know-how of how they operate. You should be thorough with all the concepts even before you start forming a digital marketing strategy. This is not found in traditional marketing syllabus and needs to be learned separately.

Build or Break Reputation

Even today word-of-mouth is effective and powerful marketing method. Now digital marketing utilizes the word-of-mouth promotions opportunities that online media provides and knowing how to utilize and engage in this tech to your advantages is a job of skilled and expert digital marketers.

When people see that product is shared, liked, tweeted or even commented upon by their circle, they are more likely to go on purchasing those products. A business can grow its reputation by generating content that gets shared by their consumers. When people read a review on Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart, Zomato or Trip advisor, they are more likely to trust that brand.

For the very same reason, the opposite is also true. One strong negative comment can hurt and harm your business. You need to be very cautious when it comes to digital marketing as the failed strategy can have negative impact on the company and employee.

Digital Content is Different from Traditional Content

Social Media are designed for the generation always on the go. These platforms are not static like newspaper and are dynamic in nature to suit individual taste and preferences.

Social Media feed from Twitter, Facebook to Snapchat keeps on changing second on second. The audience keeps on scrolling through content very quickly, rejecting and accepting the content at a glance. To capture their attention and engaging them requires changes in advertising methods and strategy. To get this social media engagement and interaction, you need to know how to present the matter that your audience will find interesting enough to be different from others yet attracting. This kind of content creation requires unique skills that can be acquired through Digital Marketing Courses.

Digital Marketing World is Complex

This world is as complex as the World Wide Web and can be tricky to understand. For example, statistics reveal that there were at least 23 social media channels used by Australians every day. Similarly, content can be created in various forms, from images and videos to text, gif, infographics, and emails.

Digital advertising can vary from the search engine, Twitter Q&A, Facebook lives to an Instagram campaign. With different channels to target a different audience, the digital marketing gets tricky and complicated.

Digital analytics is another example of how it can get complex. You need to understand the multiple data points to collect, study and control data as views, clicks, conversion, engagements, downloads and customer feedback through different channels.

The digital age is here and you cannot ignore the reality of digital marketing for all kind of business. There is an urgent need to review the curriculum as the companies struggle to find the skills and talent that can take them to a digital age. So only digital marketing must be added to business degree curriculum. We provide training to overcome the obstacle and make you a skillful digital marketing professional.

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