Become An SEM Expert With SEM Training At Digital Marketing Catalyst

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the process to gain better visibility and traffic for the websites through search engines using unpaid and paid efforts. Simply put, it is a process of purchasing viewers and traffic to the website via. search listings that are paid. With this process of SEM, businesses can now enjoy a better online visibility by enhancing search engine ranking and web traffic in an organic way and by utilizing efficient paid campaigns like PPC or Pay Per Click and Adwords.

With a stiff competition prevailing in the internet marketing world, many firms are interested to utilize to Search Engine Marketing to stay ahead of their rivals. This has created huge demand for SEM experts to build traffic and has lead to the rise of many search engine marketing experts and online advertisers. At Digital Marketing Catalyst, we offer high end Google Adwords training Bangalore and PPC training in a structured environment to help you get an idea about the ways to improve the visibility of the websites you handle using cutting edge technology.

We specialize in providing SEM training in Bangalore which is 100% based on web and has assured job placement service. We have a reputation as the best PPC and adwords training institute in Bangalore, as we strive offer you the best knowledge of enhancing the websites’ search visibility on top search engines. We help you achieve this by employing pay per click advertising campaigns and search engine marketing to drive good amount of traffic and buyers to provide a higher return on investment.

Who can benefit from SEM training?

Digital Marketing Catalyst provides training to freshers who are in search of a high paying job, internet professionals, web masters and newbies of digital marketing. If you are a graduate, diploma holder or have studied an ITI course, you can enroll for this SEM training. You just need to have basic knowledge in computers and internet plus functional knowledge in English.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Course Syllabus

  • Google AdWords

    Overview of Google Adwords
  • Getting Started with Ad Words

    How to set up Adwords account etc.
  • Pay Per Click Overview

    Quality score, Conversion rate, Maximize clicks within target spend
  • PPC Campaigns

    Setting objective, Goals, clickstream analysis and keyword selection, see which keywords and search terms bring more visitors etc.
  • Writing Compelling Ad Copies

    Do’s and Dont’s
  • Keyword Grouping

    Broad Match, Exact Match, Phrase Match, Negative Match Techniques
  • Ad writing technics

    Compelling ads that increase click-through-rate's (CTR) lower costs, Understanding, Analyzing & Improving - Relevance & Quality score, Improve conversion rates, targeted ads & relevant landing pages, Ad preview tool
  • A/B Testing

    A/B Testing overview, Call to Action
  • Bid Managment plan

    Understanding bidding stragey, Automatic bidding, Optimizing cost per click(CPC), CPM, CPA
  • Performance tracking

    Campaign objectives & goals, Performance Metrics, How to monitor ppc activity
  • Reporting & Analysing

    Integrate PPC account with Google Analytics, Understanding the reports
  • GDN Remarketing

    Remarketing can help you reach people who have previously visited your website.

Enjoy a leap in your career by studying Search engine Marketing training courses in Bangalore!

Course fees : INR 10000

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Digital marketing Catalyst offers 100% job oriented training on Search Engine Optimization and is a reputed center for digital marketing training Bangalore. We ensure that our students gain a practical knowledge with real time experience, offer courses at an affordable rate, offer a variety of projects for them to learn and provide hands on training in the corporate field to let them get a good start in their career graph.

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