Frequently Asked Questions For Digital Marketing Training

  • What is digital Marketing course?

    Digital marketing is a marketing technology that employs various tools of internet such as Facebook, twitter, Google+, linked in, YouTube etc. to promote the products or services offered by a brand. We offer several courses on Digital marketing that are equipped with live projects and real life examples to educate and empower you with latest tools and techniques of digital marketing. This is to make sure that you get a better leap in career and generate a lot of revenue if you wish to have your own digital marketing business.

    Our digital marketing courses consist of three different modules such as:
    • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
    • Social Media Marketing(SMO)
    • Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

    Though you might be already equipped with various courses, you might not land in a high paying job but with these digital marketing courses, you can earn better income in digital marketing field.
  • Who can attend this course?

    Digital marketing course is a wide spread one which makes it ideal for those wish to prove it big in the field of social media and have a flair for gadgets. Students who are studying or have finished their B. Tech, BE, B.Sc, MBA or Mass Communication can do this course. In addition, software engineers and other working professionals can also find a great source of income with high paying jobs as an SEO expert or Digital Marketing expert. New job seekers would also find these courses helpful as it adds proper weightage to their skills hereby letting them find a high paying job in reputed companies.
  • What designations I get after the completion of course?

    As soon as you complete our 100% job oriented digital marketing courses at Digital marketing catalyst,

    you can make yourself suitable for the following courses such as:
    • Social media analyst
    • Content writer
    • Digital Marketing Manager
    • Internet marketing professional / Manager / Executive
    • SEO Analyst
    • SEO professional / specialist
    • SEM professional / specialist / analyst
    • PPC analyst
    • Campaign manager
    • Google AdWords professional

  • What type of industries offers jobs to Digital Marketing Professionals?

    You can find many job offers in various fields such as retail food chains, electronics and electrical, banking, travel and tourism, insurance, commerce industry, shopping malls, IT or ITES, hotels or restaurants, advertising agencies, commerce industry, food and beverage sector and so on. Each firm in this sector requires the support of a digital marketing expert to promote about their businesses, products and services. Hence you can find immense opportunities in each field when you complete our digital marketing course.
  • What would be the remuneration for a fresher in digital marketing?

    When you are a fresher in digital marketing, you can earn a salary ranging anywhere from Rs. 10000 to Rs. 50,000 per month from any firm that requires digital marketing professional or SEO professional.
  • Are you giving certificate for the course?

    Yes, we at Digital marketing catalyst offer certificate of completing Digital Marketing course as soon as you complete the course successfully.
  • Is this course available online?

    We offer different courses of digital media marketing which helps you learn the course at your own pace as we have designed the courses at a flexible timing.
  • Why should I learn from DMC?

    We at Digital Marketing Catalyst are experts in digital marketing training and this explains why we are one among the reputed Digital Marketing Training Centers in Bangalore. We make sure that we follow unique approach, have ethics of high value and offer real time projects to offer a live exposure related to present trends in the market which offers a better insight.
  • I can't decide a course that suits me? What do I do now?

    You just need to give us a call over our phone number, 9343771421 or you can even send an enquiry through our website. We will reach you in no time to offer the right advice and guidance through our consultation to help you choose the right course based on your needs and requirements.
  • How qualified is the faculty/trainers of your institute?

    We at DMC take immense pride in stating that we have some of the best and well experienced team of faculty members who are well aware of the recent trends in this field. Our team of dedicated faculties are highly qualified, well trained and possess intense knowledge in the digital marketing niches which enables them to impart excellent education to the students while patiently explaining each concept related to this field.
  • What is the duration of your internet marketing courses?

    Digital Marketing Catalyst offers various courses related to the marketing arena of internet and we schedule the training sessions for weekdays and weekends to cater to the timings of both students and working professionals. We also have flexi batched with different timings for those special students who wish to learn at their own pace. You can take up regular training courses for 30 days to 45 days i.e one month to one and a half month period or opt for quick training courses that can last for just 2 weeks if you wish to give a push to your career growth.
  • What is the future of the online marketing?

    As there is an upsurge demand for digital marketing professionals in the field of internet with more firms and individuals relying fully n this medium for promotion of their products and services, it is clear that the scope for those individuals who have learned this course is expected to be on a high tide in the future years. In addition, you can also set up your own business consultancy, work as a freelance digital marketing expert or establish tie ups with various firms to promote their online publicity and presence in the long term.
  • What will be the success metrics of the training?

    We make sure that we stand by a simple philosophy to deliver our courses which can helps you get utmost satisfaction when you are learning it and complete the same. We make sure that you understand the concepts in a better way with natural real time examples and projects which would help you get an idea about the way you must handle real world situations while promoting a firm’s products or businesses. We also equip you with clear idea about digital marketing and its functions with our expert advice, guidance and training. You can also get in touch with us anytime to clarify your doubts or queries even after course completion as we wish to make our students excel well in their arena of career.
  • Do I get the job assistance from your institute after the training programme?

    Yes, we can assure you complete job assistance guarantee from our side as soon as you complete the training at Digital Marketing Catalyst.
  • Is your training suitable for my industry?

    We take great pride in stating that our digital marketing training caters to the online needs of various firms spread across countries like UK, USA etc. ranging from new start ups to established corporate giants. Our training session involves enhancing the online presence of businesses, promote their online business with the help of our expert trainers who also offer regular training for students of FE institutions.
  • I can’t find the course I’m interested in. What do I do now?

    Our training consultants would be highly delighted to help you find the right course based on your preferences. You can get effective guidance or advice when you place a call at our contact number, 0844 4172164.
  • What skills, talents and experiences do your trainers have?

    The trainers at Digital Marketing Catalyst are passionate about training fresh set of students every year with the latest SEO, SEM and SMO trends in the industry. They love to work hand in hand with digital marketing experts in various firms and some have their own businesses. Some are even professionals who dwell in the boardrooms of top firms in UK or Europe such as Yell, Coke and other such giants. Our trainers are expert in a number of niches like the advertising, media, government establishments, event management, promotional bodies, software etc. We make sure that we hand pick each trainer to train a group of budding professionals only after securitizing their abilities, training and expertise in the field of digital marketing as we truly believe that a perfect trainer can hone the skills of our students in a perfect manner!
  • How much does your training cost?

    We make sure that our training cost does not prevent a student or a working professional from learning the course. This is why we have designed the courses in an affordable way.

    Our training costs are listed below:
    • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Training : Rs.6000
    • Social Media Marketing(SMO) Training : Rs.6000
    • Search Engine Marketing(SEM) Training : Rs.10000
    • Digital Marketing Course : Rs.15000

    Though you might be already equipped with various courses, you might not land in a high paying job but with these digital marketing courses, you can earn better income in digital marketing field.

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