Digital Marketing Scope in India and Abroad

Digital Marketing Scope in India and Abroad

The world is going digital and so should you and your business. The term Digital Marketing is easy to understand and in simple terms, it means any activity done on web or online. As the internet is fastest medium of mass communication, there is immense growth and opportunity in digital marketing professional in India and abroad.

Indian government is promoting a campaign know as Digital India. In PM Modi’s vision, the campaign has gained massive popularity throughout country with aim of providing service to the all Indians. So it becomes obvious that there is plenty of scope in Digital Marketing in our nation.

So why is Digital Marketing seeing boom in recent decades. You can credit the success to the internet which is new trend. TV is so yesterday things and online post and twitter has brought new way of communication which so new and happening. Do you want travel? You can book your tickets online. Are you hungry? You can order food via your smartphone. Everything has become so user friendly and easy to do that people are hooked to it.

Jobs in India

The enormous engagement on digital platform calls for more job opportunities in today’s world as the Digital era has just begun. It’s been estimated that in 2016, Digital marketing created nearly 1.5lakh of job openings and this number has already been surpassed in 2017. The current market status shows that Digital Marketing is at its top and this trend will stay for long time.

The numbers in screen shot is speaks evidently as far as the demand of Digital Marketing jobs in India.

Jobs Abroad

Around the world the trend of technology and digital platforms has been at its peak for last decade or so. Rise of Giants such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Amazon has brought new dimension to marketing. It presents huge opportunity for digital marketers.  Take an example of opening in digital marketing in USA

America is leading in technology and digital realm and it would be obvious to say that Digital Marketing scope in USA is tremendous.

Canada is not far behind as on an average there is more than 2000 jobs available on daily basis. The Canada is lightly populated area is not behind USA and the trend of Digital Marketing has enfolded the country.

As you can see Digital Marketing is here to stay and will keep on growing in coming years presenting huge opening in the field. What do you think about scope of Digital Marketing in Coming years? You think it’s here to stay or do you think otherwise? Please leave you comment or feedback.

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